Tip Toey Joey

Tip Toey Joey

  • Gender
  • Kids
  • Material
  • Ecological, Leather
  • Occasion
  • Casual, Comfort
  • Price range (FOB)
  • USD 0.00 to USD 0.00, USD 0.00 to USD 0.00, USD 0.00 to USD 0.00,
  • Private Label
  • No
  • Product category
  • Boot, Moccasin, Sandal, Sneakers
About the brand

At Tip Toey Joey, we have a mission to develop shoes that respect the health and development of children's feet, our entire line is Barefoot. Our shoes are made from super soft leather (inside and out) and are designed to adapt to every stage of foot development. We only use safe materials that meet European safety requirements.

Do you know how our shoes are made?

SS23 - Positive Play

The FreetoGrow design is roomy, with the perfect amount of space for a little one's toes to be comfortable in their actual position - straight and activated. This is specially important for the big toe, which is essential for helping first walkers develop a natural gait while finding their balance; Our shoes are foot-shaped and non-restrictive to support the natural growth and development of strong muscles and bones. Children’s feet need room to MOVE, GROW and FEEL! Tip Toey Joey’s complete range of shoes are now FreeToGrow™, with a wide toe box design to ensure that toes stay straight, activated, and free to grow healthy! Specially designed for 0 to 7 year olds, our shoes are footshaped for free movement and natural foot development. Our feet soles have as many nerve endings as the palms of our hands, and when children perceive the world through their soles, their brains activate their sense of balance and orientation. That´s why our flat, zero drop and bendy rubber soles are ThintoFeel™. With just enough thickness, for each stage of baby and child’s development, they allow the foot to continue experiencing the sensory feedback from the ground - just like if they were barefoot. - How long is a day? A grownup will say it´s 24 hours, but it can be eternal for the child! A child’s day is measured, not by the hours in it, but by all the discoveries it holds - from sunrise to sunset. Playtime allows kids to rise above the ticking of the clock. Their joy spreads throughout their bodies and their movement becomes self-knowledge. Our Spring-Summer Collection is a reminder as well as an invitation: while we are playing, the clock is not ticking!