Featured trend: the revival of the indie sleaze aesthetic!

Bold, cool and irreverent, this aesthetic emerges as a bold response to the most minimalist styles

2024-01-30 | By Brazilian Footwear

A cultural phenomenon that marked the 2000s through the early 2010s, indie style is back to dominate the contemporary fashion scene. Dubbed indie sleaze, this look combines elements of 1990s grunge with the characteristic opulence of the 1980s.

As for footwear, tractor soles, chains, combat boots, boot-like shoes, moccasins and sturdy shoes stand out. Black is not an imposition, after all, this style draws inspiration from the vibrant neon colors of the 1980s. The intention is to be a cry for freedom and a reaction to the rise of minimalist styles in recent years.

In this way, the Brazilian footwear industry combines comfort and style, presenting combat boots and loafers with color details to stimulate creativity and relaxation. The dad sandals, in turn, come with more robust strips, giving the necessary substance to the outfit. More than comfort, the focus is on freedom, be it style or movement.

Invest in a shop window with personality and creativity. Discover all the options that the Brazilian footwear industry has to offer for you and your consumers.

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