Rafaela Furlanetto: identity and style beyond fashion

2024-03-04 | By Brazilian Footwear


Rafaela Furlanetto is a stylist and creative director at Vicenza, a premium women's footwear company founded by her father, Ariovaldo Furlanetto, in 1992, in the city of Igrejinha/RS, and today with more than 200 employees. Inspired by Italian clothing, it brings products with sophistication and high added value, with more than 700 multi-brand points of sale throughout the country, in addition to also serving the international market, such as Italy, France, Portugal, among others.

The company has the support of Brazilian Footwear, an export incentive program carried out by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil) to leave its mark around the world.

At the age of 16, Rafaela joined Ariovaldo's development studio, excelling in creating collections for more than 10 local companies. Her vocation for fashion and business added to her singular style, defined as maximalist and colorful, were strong points of connection with the essence of the brand, it's not without reason that she is the official ambassador of Vicenza, with wide influence through its identity and lifestyle.

Brand recognition goes beyond industry boundaries. In 2023 Vicenza was acquired by the Arezzo & Co Group for R$ 173 million, further highlighting the excellence of the products and the fruits of Rafaela's work as a successful businesswoman.

1. What are the main challenges of being a woman in a leading position in this industry?
Women face challenges every day, but the important thing is to cling to those that add positive stimuli and overcome barriers. I had the opportunity to be supported by my father and have all the doors open with great respect and support during my journey here. This encouragement and support was very important, it further strengthened my personality, stimulated my talent and today consolidates me as Creative Director of Vicenza.


2. What do you do to keep up to date with fashion, business and technology trends?
Research and observation. Be sensitive to behavioral trends in a practical way, be connected to the main communication vehicles of the sector, observe and understand how people are consuming and especially be a good listener.

A leadership passionate about what they do. The word convinces, but the example drags, a cliche, yes, but it works."

3. What are the next trends yoû seê for the footwear sector and for the world?
I believe that always the big trend are brands that deliver value, that form a community and talk to their consumer. The big trend for me is IDENTITY.


4. What is the impact of technology and e-commerce in the footwear sector today?
I see technology as a growth partner. In the field of development and design I see speed and accuracy as the main value. E-commerce is no longer a differential, it is essential

5. What do yoû consider inspirational leadership?
A leadership passionate about what they do. The word convinces, but the example drags, a cliche, yes, but it works. I always see the results as a consequence and the results are built in the day to day, in the detail, having passion for what is done inspires us to take care of these details.

6. Is there any advice you would like to give to women who are starting their careers in fashion and business?
Believe and trust in what you can do. Surround yourself with people who respect and support your work.

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