Spikes completes ten years and aims to export

2024-02-20 | By Brazilian Footwear


Spikes, one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Jaú/SP, stands out by providing the Brazilian market with excellent footwear. Now the company is preparing for higher flights abroad. For that, Spikes will have the help of Brazilian Footwear, a support program for footwear exports maintained by Abicalçados in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion (ApexBrasil). One of the first participations of the brand is in the series “It's time for Brazilian production”, composed of six episodes that present the production processes of different companies.

With ten years in activity, Spikes has a production capacity for more than 10 thousand pairs of shoes per day, produced by a qualified workforce of more than 300 employees. The industry, focused on meeting the private label demand (customer brand), works with different materials, such as raffia, wefts and materials with natural elements, going through PU base, leathers and synthetic laminates. In addition to the variety of products offered to the market, the company has production processes aligned with the concept of environmental and social sustainability. “We have female and plural leaders, in addition to following environmental sustainability guidelines, with the Waste Management Program, where we map the path of all materials and manage to give a recyclable or sustainable destination even for materials such as PVC and rubber, in addition to using solar energy in our industrial complex,” says the company's CEO, Luis Felipe Rodomonte.

Beyond Borders

With significant growth in the domestic market, focusing on private label production for the largest retail groups in the country, the company now seeks to take its excellence beyond borders. "Understanding that a more forceful positioning in foreign trade is strategic, the company began to move and found in the Brazilian Footwear project a strong partner capable of guiding, accelerating and leveraging our company's exports”, evaluates Rodomonte, who highlights the series “It's time for Brazilian production”, which generated video material capable of demonstrating to the world the company's facilities, team and capacity for growth. 

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