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Brazilian Footwear industry match comfort and sustainability by companies certified in Sustainable Origin

2023-05-05 | By Brazilian Footwear


Style is combining comfort and sustainability in a single product. This is one of the great differentials of the Brazilian footwear industry, which presents increasingly stylish footwear while being concerned with sustainable practices.

Comfy fashion is a trend that has gained the streets of the world, composing the wardrobe of those who work remotely or spend more time in informal environments, and bet on more comfortable and, at the same time, sophisticated shoes. A trend that is here to stay, allowing people to feel comfortable on any occasion, without losing charm and elegance, as well as meeting the needs of a world in constant transformation.

If you want to have a product with quality, differentiated design and with the only ESG and sustainability certification in the world aimed at the footwear chain on the shelves of your store, invest in shoes produced by the Brazilian industry and companies that have the Sustainable Origin certification.

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Beira Rio
BR Sport
Via Marte
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