Tip Toey Joey: freedom and minimalism for the little ones

2024-01-18 | By Brazilian Footwear


With the fifth largest production in the world, the largest outside Asia, the Brazilian footwear industry stands out worldwide for the diversification of segments served, in addition to having a complete supply chain. In the children's segment, which participates with about 6% of national footwear production, it is no different. With important advances in the synergy between quality, comfort and sustainability for the little ones, the sector has been conquering relevant spaces in the domestic and international market. 

Tip Toey Joey, children's footwear industry of Franca / SP founded in 2005, is one of these successful cases. Producing according to international parameters of quality and sustainability, the brand was born with a vision focused on the international market, specifically for Australia, the country of origin of its founder Scott McInerney, who in Brazil married his partner Ana Claudia McInerney. 

Right at the beginning of the activities, Scott began to dedicate himself to a project that combines quality, comfort and minimalist design for the feet of small consumers. While Ana Claudia implemented the brand's launch strategy in Brazil and abroad, Scott created what would be the darling of the brand until the present day: the little shoe with elastic embedded in the heel. The project brought recognition from dads and moms who sought more than design, sought comfort and health for their little ones.  Tip Toey Joey, in this way, became the pioneer children's brand in the use of the concept 

barefoot - minimalist shoes that seek the feeling of walking barefoot. They are shoes that value keeping the little ones' toes free, with ample internal space that promotes the natural and healthy development of the little feet. 



The company's Export Manager, Suyara Aguila, says that the industry uses high-quality and non-toxic materials, a requirement in markets such as Europe and the United States. “They are products that preserve natural properties to provide maximum tactile and thermal comfort to the little ones. In addition, we are committed to sustainability, incorporating responsibly sourced materials into our production,” she explains, stressing that the brand prioritizes certified and recognized suppliers in the issue of sustainable production. "This approach reflects our commitment to excellence, comfort and environmental responsibility in every pair of shoes we produce,” he adds. 


Today exporting about 30% of the revenue, mainly to countries in Asia and Europe, the industry is expanding in the international market. According to Suyara, in 2023, the company saw its shipments increase by 20%. “For next year, we project growth of another 12%," she says. 

According to her, the Brazilian footwear industry has been gaining important spaces in the international market with the support of the Brazilian Footwear program, promoted by Abicalçados in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Agency (ApexBrasil).  The program, according to the manager, helps internationalization not only in quantitative but qualitative terms. In addition to promoting participation in international events, the program works on promotion actions bringing foreign buyers to Brazil, in addition to strongly working on digitization, a trend that gained strength after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The latest action of Brazilian Footwear that has the participation of the children's brand is the campaign "Its time for Brazilian production”, which shows the different stages of footwear production from competitive differentials of the Brazilian footwear industry.

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