"We are America" - The Brazilian industry's ease of delivery in the Americas

Brazil has 4.0% of the global market share and is the absolute leader in the Americas

2022-04-28 | By Brazilian Footwear


It is no exaggeration to state that the Brazilian footwear industry is the greatest manufacturing power in the American continent. Ranked fifth among the main world producers, Brazil has 4.0% of the global market share and is the absolute leader in the Americas.  It is a relationship that has been developed since the late 1960s and cemented over the years, with advanced logistics solutions and collections that are increasingly desired by consumers.

Pampili in on girls's feet in almost the entire continent

Pampili is among the brands that have strong connections with neighboring customers. The company is located in the city of Birigui (in the state of São Paulo, Brazil) and specializes in the manufacture of shoes for girls aged 0 to 13. The manufacturer made its first international sale 30 years ago, to Argentina, and today it is possible to see the brand's products in almost the entire American continent, especially at stores in Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia. To meet the expected lead time and improve the speed of product delivery, Pampili has created the “Strategic Inventory”. It is the foregoing production of items with a greater potential for sales. Thus, the importer has access to the immediate delivery of new collections.  According to Lismeire da Silva Santos, Pampili's Latin America Sales Coordinator, the strategies developed for the American continent aim to better meet the demand of this market to expand international participation. "Understanding the American continent as a group with sometimes similar needs helps us to define macro strategies, however the singularization of strategies by country favors the development of exclusive actions, resulting in participation growth”, highlights Lismeire.

Via Marte is a successful case in logistics optimization

Via Marte, a company located in the city of Nova Hartz (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), is one of the benchmarks of the manufacture of women's shoes in the fast fashion system. It is also an award-winning case for the set of good practices and automation methods it adopts. The standard identification by bar code and the certification of correct picking by electronic verification of the content of each volume are among them. The manufacturer's Information Technology (IT) manager, Ivair Kautzmann, says that, by using logistical tools, it is possible to save up to 67% in the time it takes to deliver a load. "We guarantee that we deliver within the standard and we make the data on all our shipments available. There is a gain of about 67% for those who use the global identification system for products and logistical units, combined with the exchange of digital information. In other words, if you translate this into minutes, handling a load with the implemented logistics optimization saves you 40 minutes of every hour,” Kautzmann compares. He adds that the set of practices also reduces the number of people involved in the process and provides greater agility (less time a truck is stationary, for example) and precision, that is, it leads to lower operating costs and a faster chain. In the Americas, Via Marte is present in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and the United States.


Athletic models by Lynd take over the Americas

The popularization of sneakers beyond gyms has favored Lynd. The company, headquartered in the city of Nova Serrana (in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil), has been exporting its pairs of athletic sports to customers in the American continent – where most of its international orders are concentrated – for over 12 years. The company's sales director, Ronaldo Andrade Lacerda, explains that recent investments in technology, design, and fashion have opened up Lynd's opportunities. Nowadays, the brand is present in shop windows in countries such as Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia. Since it attracted customers in the international market, a network of local distributors and export agents facilitates the logistics of delivery of the models. “We understand that we thus create a relationship of trust and closeness with our customers,” Lacerda adds. Orders reach their destination within deadlines of around three months. “The ease of communication and closeness are great opportunities and competitive advantages for Brazilian shoes in this market,” the manager concludes.